From French cornfield to English garden

The work goes on

Having done all this we were still left with about 4 acres of land. What to do next? We will create a wild flower meadow and plant avenues and groves of unusual trees to make an arboretum. The trees we want but can't buy will have to be sown from seed.

The blue garden borders on . . .

. . . the meadow

And why not dedicate areas to growing plants and trees from parts of the world we have visited? The Africa section is already started and we are looking forward to doing a Chinese garden.

Whilst all this was going on in the garden we have not neglected the house which now looks much more beautiful, both inside and out. And we have converted part of the large attached barn into a gîte for visitors to use during the summer months.

We are proud of what we have achieved in our 9 years in France, providing a lovely environment in which to live, both for ourselves and the many species of animals, birds and butterflies who now share this with us.

Our country cottage

If you would like more information or to stay here in our gîte or for bed and breakfast, write to Edmund and Sylvia

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From French cornfield to English garden

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The work goes on

Wild orchids in our garden

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