Mozart - the town of Le Grand Pressigny

The town

This is the town itself. You can see the church roof and the "Four Banal", the road leading down from the castle. You cannot, however, see the most important buildings: the café where I often go with one of my slaves and the butcher's where I get my bones. The humans in the butchers are very kind: they keep the biggest bones just for me!

I am very young in this picture. I am now much more handsome. It's true! I know I am very handsome because everyone says so when I go to market (every Thursday). My real admirers buy me cream puffs from the pastry stall and I gobble them up (except for the ones that are a bit burnt). One Thursday I even had a group of Japanese tourists who photographed me carrying one of their little ones on my back.

The background music is my "Rondo Alla Turca" (third movement of my 11th Piano Sonata, K331). Download.

The original version came from The bTd Mozart MIDI Archive.

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