Mozart - the Claise valley

The Claise valley

This is the Claise valley seen from near the castle. The wheat has been harvested and the poplars down by the river have lost their leaves. The garage is at the bottom of the hill. I like the garage and feel really at home there. There is always someone there to greet me.

I go down to the garage quite often since one of my slaves bought me a new mobile kennel as it often falls ill. I have two mobile kennels: a small one and a big one. In the big one I take up the whole of the back seat. In the small one, I take up the whole back end.

When I was young I did not like mobile kennels because one of them took me to an evil smelling house with evil humans who stuck needles in my back and gave my slaves big sacks of dog biscuits that were supposed to be good for me - YUCCCK!

Now I love travelling in mobile kennels, even if they make me slobber. The other day one took me to visit a lovely bitch Mitsi, who has not just a family of slaves but a whole herd of cows too. Mitsi and I went for a walk in the woods with our slaves and we had fun in the mud and the puddles. We even found a patch of old blood to roll in.

The background music is an extract from the second movement of my 21st Concerto for Piano, K467. Download. the full version.

The original version came from The bTd Mozart MIDI Archive.

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