Mozart - at the Nymphée

The Nymphée

This is the Nymphée in the Le Grand Pressigny castle park. It's a rather interesting kennel tucked away in the woods, don't you think? The footpath round the castle park passes just in front, but most humans walk straight past without even knowing that it is here. You need a nose like mine to find it.

The Nymphée is almost as grand as me but a bit older and cleaner. There's room enough for a big party inside. Even if I am rather big, I'd prefer a kennel in the same style but a little bit smaller.

They have even put a Jacuzzi on the terrace. Clear spring water bubbling up and overflowing. I hate that! If I want a paddle, there is a little stream along the bottom of the valley lined with thick black mud, lovely smelly mud.

The background music is the second of my twelve minuets, K103. Download.

The original version came from The Classical MIDI Archive.

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