MOZART - my bone and my trash can

My bone and my trash can

This is me at home. My slaves have just taken me down to the butcher's. The kind lady who is always in the shop gave one of my slaves a bone for me. It's not quite up to the standard of a good big dead rabbit that has been rotting away for a week, but at least my slaves will play with it when I have eaten all the flesh and blood.

That thing behind me is my trash can. Twice a week, the big slave takes it to the castle and brings it back the next day. It's great fun. I let the slave go ahead with the trash can and I hide in the shadows. When he comes back I jump out at him.

One trip I found a nice little toad. But he was not very nice at all: I had to spit him out and wash my mouth out. I was not amused.

The background music is an extract from the second movement of the Wanderer Fantasia, Op 15, by my young friend Schubert. Download. the full version.

The original version came from The Classical MIDI Archive.

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