Mozart - along the Claise

Along the Claise

This is the river Claise in winter. It is cold, but I'm fine in my elegant silky coat. This is near the railway station, but although I walk round here with the big slave quite often, I've never seen a train. On the other hand there are often humans trailing bits of string in the river. They seem to be the descendants of the hunter gatherers who settled here when the flint was knapped for making harpoons. The oddest thing about this tribe is that they are all male - how do they manage it?

These anglers do not like me bathing here. Nor do I - the water is too deep above the weir.

Below the weir, it is much better. There are muddy banks that shelve into the river. Down here, I can smell where coypus (nutria) have been. I have never managed to catch a coypu, but if I paddle in the water and potter around like them, maybe they will think that I am one of them.

The background music is my Adagio for glass harmonica K617a. Download.

The original version came from The Classical MIDI Archive.

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