Mozart - at the water tower

At the water tower

The water tower is a long way from the town, on another hill. It's a bit like one of my castle towers, but I think that my castle is a lot prettier. I often come here because there is a very attractive young bitch who lives near the water tower. When I want to call on her in the early hours of the morning , I jump over the fence (I can jump very high), I run across the fields down to the bottom of the valley (I am a cross country champion), I cross the stream (no one can beat me at the long jump) and I climb up the other hill (all St Bernards are good climbers, but I'm the greatest).

When I get to my girlfriend's, I am not too puffed to play with her in the mud. When we have finished playing, I do not walk back home, I wait for one on my slaves to come with my mobile kennel to carry me back home to sleep for the rest of the day.

You can see my castle on the horizon, I will soon be going back to it.

The background music is the first movement of my flute quartet, K285. Download.

The original version came from The Classical Midi Connection.

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