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I'll show you some of my favourite footpaths around Le Grand Pressigny. (Click on the pictures or the underlined text.)

This is the Nymphée in the Le Grand Pressigny castle park. It's a rather interesting kennel tucked away in the woods, don't you think? The footpath round the castle park passes just in front.

The water tower is a long way from the town, on another hill. It's a bit like one of my castle towers, but I think that my castle is a lot prettier.

This is the river Claise in winter. It is cold, but I'm fine in my elegant silky coat. This is near the railway station, but although I walk round here with the big slave quite often, I've never seen a train.

The ridge way between the Aigronne valley and the Muanne valley is called the "Four Winds Way". It goes from Le Grand Pressigny to . . . I don't know, I've never been that far.


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