in Le Grand Pressigny

I'll show you around my town. (Click on the pictures or the underlined text.)

This is the town itself. You can see the church roof and the "Four Banal", the road leading down from the castle. You cannot, however, see the most important buildings: the café where I often go with one of my slaves and the butcher's where I get my bones. The humans in the butchers are very kind: they keep the biggest bones just for me!

This is my castle. Lots of people visit it because it is one of the most attractive castles in France, in one of the most attractive towns in France. Of course, most visitors come to see me because I am the one of the most attractive dogs in the world even if in this photo I am still rather young, thin and windblown.

This is the Claise valley seen from near the castle. The wheat has been harvested and the poplars down by the river have lost their leaves. The garage is at the bottom of the hill. I like the garage and feel really at home there. There is always someone there to greet me.

This is me at home. My slaves have just taken me down to the butcher's. The kind lady who is always in the shop gave one of my slaves a bone for me. It's not quite up to the standard of a good big dead rabbit that has been rotting away for a week, but at least my slaves will play with it when I have eaten all the flesh and blood.


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