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FR37 front page

FR37 front page - a potpourri of pages about Touraine and the Tourangeaux

Touraine tales

The creeping thistle

Destruction of creeping thistle (Cirsium arvense, Canada thistle, Canadian thistle) in le Grand Pressigny

It's quince jam, or so they say

Quince jam and eau de vie in Touraine.

The reluctant English valet

From Shakespeare to Molière, visiting Valentin on the way, all with an English accent.

The revival of saffron growing in le Grand Pressigny

The revival of the old saffron growing business in South Touraine.


Patrick Boutet - Basket weaver

Patrick Boutet - basket weaver, caning chairs, straw upholstery, osier bed at Étableau

The Touraine nutcracker

The turner turns a Touraine nutcracker

James Gassiot - the Chateau de Rys

James Gassiot - the repair of two turrets on the chateau de Rys.


Wild orchids in our garden

We have seven species of orchid growing wild in our garden.

Bee orchid - Orchis apifera

The bee orchid , Ophrys apifera, is the emblem of the terrestrial orchids of our region.

Early spider orchid - Ophrys sphegodes

The early spider orchid, Ophrys sphegodes, is less striking than the bee orchid but it is just as interesting.

Monkey orchid - Orchis simia

Even if the individual flowers of the monkey orchid are not as striking as the Ophrys species, its pretty spikes of pink flowers are a match for any cultivated bulb.

Lizard orchid - Himantoglossum hircinium

Lizard orchids, Himantoglossum hircinium, have flowers that imitate rotting meat to attract flies.

Lady orchid - Orchis purpurea

The lady orchid, Orchis purpurea, is fairly close to the monkey orchid and they can interbreed to produce natural hybrids.

Greater butterfly orchid - Platanthera chlorantha

The Greater butterfly orchid, Platanthera chlorantha, is very common in the area. You can find groups of hundreds plants on the verges where the roads run through woodlands.

Narrow-leaved helleborine - Cephalanthera longifolia

The narrow-leaved helleborine, Cephalanthera longifolia, does not seem to like our garden. It is difficult to find them.

Encouraging wild orchids

If you garden with care, the orchids will come and set up home - if they wish to - but you cannot force them to come.

From French cornfield to English garden

An English country garden is created from a cornfield in the middle of the French countryside.

Decorative and kitchen gardens

Creating the potager (vegetable garden), shrubberies and rose garden.

The work goes on

Nine years on and much to show for it, but much more to do.


Farmall H tractor 1948, a child's plaything

The re-discovery of a childhood toy - a McCormick Deering Farmall H Row Crop tractor, life size.

The wide world

Vietnam smiling

A Tourangeau goes to Vietnam where he spent his younger days.

Touraine links

Links index

Geographical and subject indexes of links to Touraine web sites.

Links by town or place

Links to Touraine web sites: towns, villages, communes, cantons, regions, rivers

Links by category

Links to Touraine sites describing local produce, touring, tourist information, culture, natural and cultural heritage, chateaux, religious buildings, churches.

Our friends

Edith Leconte

Edith Leconte's painting

An introduction to Edith Leconte's painting, female portraits.

Edith Leconte's painting - deeper into her world

As you go deeper into Edith Leconte's world, the paintings become more surrealist.

Edith Leconte's painting - less surprising

Edith Leconte's paintings are not always disturbing. They can express joy or calm.

Edith Leconte's technique

Edith Leconte paints using glazes : the traditional method used by renaissance painters.

Edith Leconte's sketches

Some of Edith Leconte's sketches on which future oil paintings will be based.

Gallery of high resolution images of Edith Leconte's Work

You have to see the originals to appreciate the style and craftsmanship of her work, for those who cannot, we present a gallery of more detailed pictures.

Cleo Tebby, a young artist

Around the Château du Grand Pressigny

Pencil drawings by Cleo Tebby - the Château du Grand Pressigny

The streets of Le Grand Pressigny

Pencil drawings by Cleo Tebby - the streets of le Grand Pressigny

Mozart, the St Bernard

Mozart, the St Bernard

Mozart the St Bernard tells us about his life in South Touraine

Mozart - a dog's life in Le Grand Pressigny

Mozart shows us his town - le Grand Pressigny

Mozart - countryside walks

Mozart takes us for walks outside le Grand Pressigny

The music is the Chopin Winter Wind Etude Op 25 No11 played by Robert Finley.