Thunderbolts and power

When Edith Leconte is not too busy restoring little town houses, she dedicates her time to painting wonderful paintings.

Each picture has its own character and is the result of weeks of painstaking effort.

Edith refuses to explain herself and does not explain her paintings. Possibly they are inexplicable. It up to each of us to make our own interpretation.

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Mirror woman

Celestial food

Forbidden fruit

Women from another era with classical architecture.

Feeding the soul

Botticelli with spice.

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Edith Leconte's painting - introduction

Edith Leconte's painting - deeper into her world

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Edith Leconte's painting - deeper into her world

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The Adagio in G minor attributed to Tomaso Albinoni was written by Remo Giazotti, a 20th century composer. It was sequenced by D. Stager and can be found at The Classical MIDI Archive