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Osier bed


A newly caned carver

Chairs are caned in the traditional fashion, entirely by hand, using cane or rattan.

A carver completely restored

Patrick Boutet at work

Straw weaving

Restoring a chair

Chairs are upholstered with woven straw, using the traditional reed straw, for strength, wrapped in split rye straw for the finish. The cushion is then stuffed with hay.

The two colours are

  • Ripe wheat (yellow)
  • Antique (grey)

Basket weaving

Patrick Boutet showing his work

Basket weaving is a creative craft. All types of basket can be made to measure.

There is a wide range of colours that depends on the variety of osier.

Introduction to basket weaving

Introduction to basket weaving

Introductory courses for basket weaving are often given to school classes, local heritage visits and groups from holiday camps.

One day introduction

  • Getting to know the plant and its cultivation.
  • Explanation about harvesting, storage and bleaching.
  • Preparing the osier for making a basket.
  • Making a basket with the help of each one of the children in the group.

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The Touraine nutcracker

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