is dedicated to describing life in Touraine through a collection of Web pages and sites. Each page or site is a personal view of life in Touraine.

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Touraine tales

The creeping thistle

It's quince jam, or so they say

The reluctant English valet

The revival of saffron growing in le Grand Pressigny


Patrick Boutet - Basket weaver

The Touraine nutcracker

James Gassiot - the Chateau de Rys


Wild orchids in our garden

From French cornfield to English garden


Farmall H tractor 1948, a child's plaything

The wide world

Vietnam smiling

Touraine links

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Our friends

Edith Leconte

Edith Leconte's painting

Cleo Tebby, a young artist

Around the Château du Grand Pressigny

The streets of Le Grand Pressigny

Mozart, the St Bernard

Mozart, the St Bernard

Mozart - a dog's life in Le Grand Pressigny

Mozart - countryside walks